Sunday, November 26, 2006

Introduction to Hypnosis

How Hypnosis Really Works
By Stephen Henry

Are you Aware of how Hypnosis can help you in almost every area of life.

Want to Lose weight Now and Stay Slim?

Want to Quit Smoking Now Without Gaining Weight?

Want Better Health and Freedom From Pain?

Want to Meet Your True Love Perfect Partner?

Whatever it is you want, Hypnosis has helped people achieve all of these and more.

In the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, 90% of people live paycheck-to-paycheck, 60% are overweight, more than 40% divorce, and only 30% consider themselves to be in excellent health.

Why are these numbers so high?

Because most people have not learned to harness the phenomenal power of their mind to get everything they want.

The truth is, eliminating negative behaviors and instilling positive new ones is much easier than you might have thought.

Attracting money, love, health and happiness is a whole lot easier than you might have previously imagined.

Actually, it's all quite simple when you use Hypnosis to harness the untapped power of your mind.

The only difference between amazingly successful, happy, and healthy people and those who are not, comes down to two simple concepts: the way they use their mind/brain, and the amount of information they have.

When you work with Hypnosis, you will be surprised just how easy it is to GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT.

Hypnosis works on many levels,

1. It starts with helping you create a very clear picture of exactly what it is you want, which picture becomes clearer and more focused with every listening, and uses metaphors and stories that your subconscious can interpret to create exactly what you want.

2. It then sets up a structure whereby you attach your emotions of how it would feel to really have that picture as your reality to that picture. Most people when asked about why they want something will talk about what it is they don't like about what they have. This vital shift in focus dramatically affects your results.

3. Also uses new sound creation technology to quickly and easily create theta waves in brain (these are what kids use when learning and playing and like what Zen monks do when they deep meditate) so that you learn faster and while in a relaxed mode. It uses brain wave frequency modulation to enable you to place these learnings directly into the seed, root places in your mind, that is what ancient cultures used when getting students to learn whole texts and why so many references are made to saying prayers or affirmations at morning and night as as these times when you wake up and go to sleep are when these special frequencies naturally occur, it is just now that we can create them automatically by listening to special pulses and music.

4. Uses subliminal messaging that speaks directly to your subconscious in concert with your desire for what you want. This vital use of your desire is why non linked subliminal advertising has been proved to be virtually ineffective.

5. Uses suggestions both direct and indirect in concert with hypnotic language and structure.

Like watering new seeds after old garden weeds have been dug out.

You see your subconscious takes screen snapshots of learned behaviour and categorises them according to how much emotion was attached at the time they were created, that is why if you burn your hand you learn to not touch fire more quickly and strongly than if you just read about it or get told about it.

And a lot of stuff we have attached a lot of emotion to may serve us well for that time but is not what we want now, for eg. maybe as a young person we have had our heart broken and in great distress we say to ourselves "I'll never fall in love again".

Now this is a new belief you have just created with lots of real emotion and as a result you will use this belief to classify future experiences of love, which may be the exact opposite to what you say you want but you will find your broken relationships have as their root cause this unhelpful belief.

On a purely learning level, if learning is mixed with fun then you learn much better. If it is mixed with Hypnosis then you become that which you desire much faster.

All the best,
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